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Model, Presenter, DJ for Weddings, Events and Clubs and manager and organizer of Fashion Shows and Fashion Parties all over the world!

Anna Sahara is  the most popular and   demanded female DJ from Israel!

She was born in Moscow. She starts to work like a dj in 2005. In November 2015 she celebrated 10 years of her work a dj in the best club in Tel-Aviv “NoHo” (ex-Barokkobar). SHE IS REZIDENT  in clubs in Tel-aviv “Magdalena”,” Metropolitan”, ” Jimmy Who” and afterparty “Helens Celler”. NOW ANNA SAHARA WORKS ACTIVE LIKE MODEL AND ACTRESS. IN 2015 SHE DID NEW CD “Love Sense» IN STUDIO IN TEL AVIV. U MAY LISTEN MUSIC HERE https://soundcloud.com/anna-sahara

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Before SHE LIVED IN MANY REALITY SHOWS IN RUSSIA LIKE “BIG BROTHER» (RUSSIAN VERSION) the Sahara actively removed in various talk shows, television projects, programs and reality shows and is considered the most popular and media girl — DJ in Russia. She work By Creative program UFM (68.84 FM in Moscow), «Powdered sugar» Resident TV project Comedians on TNT channel, nationwide club project Premium Party Resident DJ at the first professional digital radio station «Premium» (www.rpfm.ru), as well as the oldest club in Moscow «Fresh».
DJ SAHARA — The only girl DJ Russia officially registered the nickname as a trademark Dj Anna Sahara took 5th place in the top 50 girls DJs of DJR RUSSIA — 51 seats and 84 seats overall ranking according to the site djrating.ru. Support Sahara here djrating.ru/dj/8003 In 2011, the Sahara has got into the top 100 DJs on site version www.kazantipa.net kazantipa.net/top100/view/3727 In 2008, it was rated the fourth club Internet voting BEST.MUZZONE.ru as «Discovery of the Year» (8th place) and «Best Russian DJ» (80th place).


For 10 years dj career Anna Sahara (dj Sahara) is considered the girl on tour DJ Russia. For more than 400 cities of Russia and abroad she won his sets dj Sahara gave concerts throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Austria, Moldova, Romanya , Litva, Estonya, Finland, Egypt, Turkey, Kazahstan, Uzbekisrtan, and has been on tour in the CIS countries, the U.S., Europe, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, and others.

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Music played by the Sahara — UNIVERSAL FOR ANY ACTIONS — deep and tech house, progressive, trance, minimaltechno, hip-hop,electro, disco, as well as current hits and music of the 80′s and 90′s remixes and originals.
All this is consistent with the style of life of this passionate girl. DJ career with a charming girl with hot name Sahara has started only recently and very rapidly.

Love of music, Anna from the kindergarten. The girl grew up in a musical family, in addition, she received a good musical education, which, however, did not help her perfect finish DJ school. But the desire to become a DJ from this became even stronger. She took part in many shows in night clubs and banquet halls.
DJ Anna Sahara recalls: «In school, I participated in various concerts, so the scene is my second home. Until career di Jake was still far away, but I felt that the time is near.» DJing until Anya was successful as a model (the winner of the beauty contest «Miss Erotica 2005″, «2004 Miss Sunshine» , «Miss Moscow», «Miss Aphrodite 2004″ in Greece) and go-go-dancer (frequent engagements in Moscow clubs City, Diaghilev and Neo).

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